Match each algebraic expression with the method to use for factoring.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Prime: 3GCF: 1Factoring Trinomials: 4Difference of Squares: 2Perfect Square Trinomial (PST): 5Step-by-step explanation:1. Each term has an even coefficient, so a factor of 2 can be removed: Β  2(3x^2 +7x -15)The remaining quadratic factor is prime.__2. Each of these two terms is a square, so this is the difference of two squares.__3. This cubic has one irrational negative real root. It is prime.__4. This trinomial factors in the usual way: (x +15)(x -2). It is factored by "factoring trinomials."__5. The magnitude of the x-coefficient is double the square root of the (positive) constant, so this is a perfect square trinomial.