Lance has three times as many pencils as Nick, and they have 84 pencils together. How many pencils does each of them have?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Let Lance represented by L and Nick represented by NAs per the statement:Lance has three times as many pencils as Nick⇒[tex]L = 3N[/tex]         .....[1]It is also given that:They have 84 pencils together. ⇒[tex]L+N = 84[/tex]               .....[2]Substitute the equation [1] into [2] we have; [tex]3N+N = 84[/tex]⇒[tex]4N = 84[/tex]Divide both sides by 4 we have;N = 21 Substitute this in [1] we have;L = 3(21) = 63Therefore, Lance has 63 pencils and Nick has 21 pencils