A ball is launched into the air from a height of 12 feet at time t = 0. The function that models this situation is h(t) = -2t2 + 10t + 12, where t is measured in seconds and h is the height in feet.Part A (1 Point)What is the height of the ball after 2 seconds?Part B (3 Points) When will the ball hit the ground?

Accepted Solution

Answer:(a) 24 ft(b) 2.5 sStep-by-step explanation:At t=2h=-2(2)^{2}+10(2)+12=12+20-8=24 ftTherefore, height after 2 s=24 ft(b)As it hits the ground, t is maximum and at maximum t, we differentiate the function to haveh=-4t+10  and h=0 hence4t=10 hence t=10/4=2.5 seconds